KL to Singapore Train Guide

Malaysian Railway System provides with the facility of online booking of the tickets. Booking the Singapore to Kuala Lumpur train tickets online can sometimes be troublesome when the internet connection does not function properly. The passengers face numerous problems if the server goes down or if there is any kind of internet related issue. Problems also arise due to the backend software of the railways which is being taken in use. At times, the railway website does not open up due to heavy traffic which becomes quite upsetting for the passengers.


The railway department provides with the ETS Enquiry toll-free number for the convenience of the passengers as many times passengers face problems while booking the Singapore to Kuala Lumpur train tickets online. This is a toll-free number and can be utilized to get the details about your latest transaction. All the information is furnished to the passengers here.

Every train features a predefined departures and arrival times at varied stations you’ll check them and obtain connecting train to the destinations of your selection via this on-line Malaysian railway timetable. thus, no additional line of work the railway enquiry offices to understand concerning railway plan or change long queues for inquiries as the net has really created our life easier than before. With on-line railway timetable, you’ll rummage around for all kinds of solutions to your queries while not fixing an excessive amount of-of your valuable time.

Other than the online booking of the tickets one can also get the reservation done from the reservation counter. This is the traditional way of booking the tickets but it is quite safe and secure. Under this system, the tickets can be booked only after going to the respective ticket counter. The reservation counters are made at every station one can go to these counters take the reservation form and fill the required details. The reservation form asks about the personal details like name, age and sex of the passenger. You also need to motion the place of departure and destination along with the class in which you would like to travel.

This mode of booking the tickets can be a bit time taking but it is completely safe. Ones the reservation form is filled you have to submit the form at the window along with the amount of the tickets. Immediately after making the payments and after submitting the form you can get the tickets. In the case of unavailability of the seats in the train the passengers are told accordingly. You can then book your Singapore to Malaysia train tickets by some other train or you can get your name on the waiting list which is displayed on the platform.

So if you are willing to book the tickets then you can get it done by the two methods which you can choose according to your convenience and interest. We still see a large number of people getting the railway tickets booked by the anarchic method to be on the safer side.

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