Beautiful Islands to Visit near Singapore

There are lots of small islands in Malaysia among which Tioman and Rawa are the very best ones. It normally requires 7 hours to get Tawa from Singapore while Tioman normally requires 8 hours to travel from Singapore. It is a fact that Malaysia is the hub of small islands.

Trip to Some Beautiful Islands in Singapore

In case you are planning to go for an island trip, this will be the beautiful island country where you need to focus on. These destinations are meant especially for budget travelers. You need to spend a very minimum amount in order to visit some of the beautiful islands near Singapore hence expecting to have a great time.

Travelers enjoy a joyful and peaceful travelling to these islands in order to celebrate their honeymoon and new wedding days. In order to travel from Singapore to Tioman, you need to take a 6-hour bus trip to Mersing. The ferry journey commences from this particular place and takes up to 1.5 hours to reach the spot. The cost required for one way trip includes RM 35. Every day it holds three trips but someday it can be doable due to tidal troubles and lack of passengers.

Ferry to Reach Tioman

Blue water express is the best ferry provider to enable to reach Tioman. The travelers need not rush as one can easily expect to reach the spot by waiting for some time for the upcoming one. There is a little convenience stall at the Tanjung Gemuk ferry terminal which use to sell meals, drinks along with some beachwear products like beach slippers and outfits.

Rawa – Another Fantastic Island

Rawa is considered to be another fantastic island which comprises of a lot of attractive seashores. It demands only 30 minutes ferry trip to reach Rawa from Mersing. Though this place is not commercial as Tioman, it offers a peaceful and calm beach side journey. The amount of ferry rides get increased through the peak time, which starts at the month of April and concludes in the month of October. Jalan Abu Bakar is the middle place to book easybook ferry tickets.

Travelling by Air

Air travelling is another alternative option to the bus travelling from Singapore to Tioman. The quantity of trip and flight timing is based on the season. The costs are nearly $86 for one way and there are a lot of budget travel offers to avail. Journey deals providing transport and accommodation can also prove to be a good choice in case you desire to save the hassle of booking tickets individually.
Tioman and Rawa face almost the same local weather as Singapore.

During the day time, the temperature will be about 30 degree centigrade and in the evening it will be 20 degree centigrade which is the lowest. Rainy season begins from December till the end of February. There are a number of providers who generate great iPhone travel apps and usually include things like good deals on bus schedules and timetables.

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